Free web based online java code generator tool. Generates end to end code in struts, hibernate and spring
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With GCodeGen you can save many development hours thus cutting off overall development cost. You can create your project and entities online and GCodeGen will generate end to end code for you. Online help is provided to guide you through various configurations.

For any screen with 10 controls it takes around 40 - 60 hours for good developer to develop it, writing all layers and queries. Code written by developers will be inconsistent, error prone and will require extensive testing. With GCodeGen it takes 4 hours only to generate screen with 10 controls and you don't have to test, document and will not have to go through extensive code review cycles.

At present GCodeGen is generating code for struts 2.0, spring 3.0 and hibernate 3.0 applications but it can be customized to generate code in various other java, j2ee technologies in accordance to your project needs.

For that talk to us, we can help you.

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In future releases not only you will be able to generate code but also assemble reusable components that will further cut development time. At present you can create 1 project and 5 entities having any number of fields.

  • Online code generation. Team can work on same model online
  • Generates user authentication code login,logout and change password
  • Generates code for layout of choice (currently 2 layouts supported)
  • Generates menu code (simple, tree)
  • Generates code for CRUD and search operations
  • Genrated client side pagination and sorting
  • Generated code includes
    • JSP code
    • Action class
    • Struts mappings
    • Tiles mappings
    • Spring application context files
    • Service locators
    • Value objects
    • Entities
    • Service layer
    • Repository layer
    • Factory layer
    • All properties files for i18n
    • POM's
    • Authentication code
      Future Releases
  • You will be able to create layers and choose technologies
  • Upload your components
  • Include custom components integration
  • Test case generation
  • Concept of teams
  • Pluggable Acegi security code generation
  • Business logic generation
  • Generic online code red report